Welcome to Jennifer Brown Counselling

“Feeling real is more than existing; it is finding a way to exist as yourself.” - D.W. Winnicott


Perhaps you've been thinking of coming to counselling for a while; you might even have experience of counselling.

Sometimes we find we find ourselves repeating the same patterns of behaviour, struggling to make the positive changes we would like to see in our lives; and sometimes it doesn't feel like our lives at all.

Perhaps you've been carrying your hurt and pain for so long, it's changed who you are; in a sense started defining you, dictating the way you behave.

You have perhaps experienced trauma, or it's that the stress, anxiety, fear and doubt, are becoming too much.

But, you're here. Reading this now; and that's a step.

You're looking for something; perhaps a change.

Talking through what brought you to this point, of feeling in need of change, tracing back through your story, piecing together a narrative, together; could help you get to somewhere you'd rather be.

Back on track perhaps? Rediscover - or discover - what it is to be YOU.


Jenny Brown (COSCA Registered).

I am a COSCA registered Psychodynamic counsellor, with COSCA accredited Diploma and Certificate qualifications from the Garnethill Centre. I adhere to the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of practice and complaints procedure. These can be found by clicking the COSCA icon on the home page.

Besides counselling, I have worked in various fields throughout my career, teaching, tutoring, support working and volunteering.

Wherever my varied life experience has taken me, working with people has been my passion; vulnerable people and strong people alike.

Listening for those who can not make themselves heard, who feel their distress is ignored or insignificant, whose confidence in themselves and their ability to change things has ebbed.

I provide a supportive, sensitive and secure space where you can bring your issues and an open, empathic and non-judgmental ear.

I hope to hear from you soon.